VNIT Nagpur students now have access to an amazing network of alumni who are eager to meet and share their wisdom and advice about life after VNIT . The Alumni Mentor Program is a unique opportunity for VNIT Nagpur Students to form lasting relationships with alumni. As a participant in the program, mentors can assist the students with information and tips on topics such as:

  • Academic Guidance (course selection, study skills, post-undergraduate school planning)
  • Career Advice (job shadowing, résumé critiques, interviewing tips, general career guidance)
  • Personal Development (networking, hobbies, recreation, cultural/ethnic sensitivity)

It is both the mentor and the mentee’s responsibility to keep in regular contact with each other. Check in with your mentor at least once a week or a couple of times a month and respond to them in a timely manner. You and your mentor will be invited to events throughout the year to network and socialize. Opportunities for interaction include:

  • On-campus meets and workshops
  • Conferences & Seminars
  • Cultural and social events

You may also select mentors who do not live in Nagpur or even those who’re living outside India and communicate via phone, email or online.


See the opportunity? Don't hesitate, contact us if you need help

Getting guided by someone who’s already been through the grind is one of the best things to happen when you’re stepping out to face the world. It’s like an umbrella for life’s problems, although it doesn’t protect you from all the problems all the time, it keeps you ahead of the competition and avoids a lot of trial and error for you in life.

It’s not just about meeting the Alumni and getting guidance about the careers, but meeting interesting people in the Alumni community, getting perspectives from an age group different than yours and enjoying the advantages of knowing the pitfalls to be able to avoid them.


Want to help? Give back to the Student Community

You’ve been there and done that, however, the experiences you’ve been through could make the foundation years of your juniors in their professional lives, much easier. It won’t take much of your time, but shall save them months if not years of repeating the same mistakes.

It gives you an opportunity to connect with what’s happening with the campus, the place where you spent 4 of your best years of life, don’t think twice, help out!