“An Initiative to Help Life Members of VNIT Alumni Association”

This is an initiative by VNIT AA to help life members of VNIT Alumni Association, who are working outside and find it inconvenient to visit VNIT. The initiative was launched in July 2013 and so far more than 425 alumni have availed this facility. This facility is exclusively for the life member of VNITAA.

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1. Charges for VNIT-era students: 
As per VNIT’s official procedure transcripts are supplied only to those who have graduated in the VNIT-era and at a time only five copies are prepared. Please send scanned copy of original mark sheet and degree certificate to info@vnitaa.com.

On request, office of VNIT AA submits application on behalf of Alumni, collects and send Transcripts by post to the respective addresses. The charges for the same are as listed below; first two charges are payable to VNIT Account Office and third / fourth are required to meet postage expenses.

S NoParticularRateTotal **
1. 5 Copies of Transcripts Rs. 100/-copy Rs. 500/-
2.  Validation Charges Rs. 400/- (Once in a Year) Rs. 400/- (Once in a year)
3.  Postal Charges in India Rs.  200/- Rs. 200/-
4.  Postal Charges Overseas Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2000/-

** Please pay by visiting below link, only if you are a life member of VNIT AA.

2. Student of VRCE-era:

Now as per VNIT official policy, the transcripts to VRCE-era students will not be provided hereafter.Therefore, transcripts will have to be taken from RTM Nagpur University.

Procedure of RTM Nagpur University is entirely different. Their conditions are as under

(i) Only one copy of transcript is supplied at a time,

(ii) Only if it is required for foreign university

(iii) One has to submit photo copy of the mark-sheets/degree certificate to be certified.

(iv) Each page to be certified is counted separately.

(v) Cost of certification is Rs. 550/- per page. This means that if there are nine pages to be certified (8 mark-sheets and one degree certificate) then it will cost Rs. 9x550= 4950/- for each set.

(vi) An envelope (with address of the foreign university) is required along with photo copy of certificates.

(vii) The certified copy is then sealed in an envelope by RTM University office.

(viii) On request, office of VNIT AA shall submit application on behalf of Alumni, collect and send Transcripts to the university concerned directly by post. The charges for the same are as listed below.

S NoParticularRateTotal **
1. 1 Copie of Transcripts Rs. 550/- per page to be certified Rs. 550/- X number of pages
2. Postal Charges (Overseas) Rs. 2000/- Rs. 2000/-

Summary of Procedure Followed :

a) Please pay requisite fees to VNIT AA’s account and inform VNIT AA’s office by forwarding the receipt of payment to info@vnitaa.com.

b) VNIT AA office will verify the receipt document of fees and acknowledge the receipt.

c) Please send copy of Mark sheet & Degree certificate to VNIT AA’s Office; (scanned copies by email to info@vnitaa.com).

d) These copies are submitted to VNIT or RTM Nagpur University, as the case may be.

e) Fee is paid to account office.

f) The transcripts are sent by speed post to indicated address.

Please note that whole process takes about three weeks and sometimes more. During this time VNIT AA office tries to keep track of the progress, therefore, please bear with us if there is any delay.


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* Only for life members